BACKGROUND— Within the vertical of film, television, and media my team was challenged to identify an area of interest using the word "home" as a conceptual theme and or inspiration to create a visual system for our convention.
CONCEPT— Player 2 focuses on breaking down the stigmas around video games to show the world how they connect people, genuinely!
TEAM— Anna Hong and Zachary Aramaki
SOFTWARE— After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Figma
INSTRUCTOR— Leisha Muraki​​​​​​​
MEET OUR MASCOTS— Our mascots are the physical embodiment or “sprites” from the wires and connections (both literal and physical) that were brought to life from the pure energy and happiness that comes from players in games. They exist in the digital dimension and have come out to play with the surge of playful energy found in the Seattle Convention Center this year... 
Gigi the most extroverted one of the bunch. Has big golden retriever energy. They are the life of the party and is a team player. 
Bugs? Well, Bugs is just happy to be here! Bugs is a little slower at catching onto the jokes that Gigi makes and is in awe with the world around them. They’re surprisingly wise when needed and those around Bugs often say that they feel like they are always learning something new when they’re with Bugs. 
Nexum or "Nex" translates to "connection" in Latin. Nex is the glue that holds all the sprites together. They are the first to take initiative and take responsibility and loves to lead.
Amica, or "Mica" [mee-ka] translates to "friend" in Latin. Mica is the quietest of the bunch but is quite talented in many subjects and values friendship above everything. Mica is quiet, but is quite happy to be a friend!
LARGE SCALE GRAPHICS— We chose applications that would be the most practical for the convention, especially with the fact that it is located at the Seattle Convention Center. From wrapping the Link Light Rail trains in our mascots/color scheme to hanging banners with the sprites in the convention halls, these applications add a bright pop of color along your commute to Player 2!
WEBSITE DESIGN— It was important to us to bring our four mascots and the wires to life within the webpages via animation. The wires are an important visual that we chose to incorporate in the backgrounds of each inner webpage. Additionally, the wire motif is highlighted on the homepage of the website as users are encouraged to explore and hover over each wire to unlock each inner webpage that is color coordinated to a specific topic.
SWAG— Player 2 attendees will have the opportunity to shop from countless pieces of merchandise available at the gift shops at the convention. From adorable stickers to game controller skins choose your favorite pieces to take home with you as a souvenir!
LANYARDS—  The lanyards are color coded based on the attendee's purchased ticket track with our sprite mascots. The QR code on the backside of the lanyard grants entry to the convention + any additional add on meet and greets or special track experiences.


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